Helpful Hints - Log Home Maintenance

Before cob blasting your log home:

Cob Blasting Log Cabin1) Part of the beauty of a log home is the slight imperfections (knots in the wood, slight color variations in the wood grain, etc.). These imperfections also create cracks, gaps and spaces between logs and around doors and windows. Therefore, try as you might, if you choose to have your home cob blasted, you will have dust enter your home. Now, personally, I’d much rather have a bit of harmless dust find its way in the house rather than chemicals or water from stripping or pressure washing. Being aware of this, it is recommended that before having your home cob blasted that you cover furniture and electronics with sheets/drop cloths to protect them. Also, you may wish to hang plastic sheeting around the perimeter walls in order to limit dust from covering everything in the house. Finally, have a good vacuum on hand to clean up the mess afterwards.

2) If you are planning new landscaping around the home, it is best to wait until after blasting and sealing the home. While we try to catch as much of the spent blast media as possible, it is impossible to catch it all. Since it is 100% natural, it will mix in with the lawn/mulch rather quickly, but its easier to do your landscaping once rather than having to do it twice.

3) Have all light fixtures, signs, address numbers etc. removed before cob blasting. This will save a great deal of time for the blaster.

4) Realize that stain and sealer takes differently to each log. While cob blasting gives a generally uniform look to the home overall, there are areas and spots (mostly around knots) that the stain may not come off completely. Also, areas that are not subject to sun and weathering (i.e. porches, overhangs, etc.) may remain somewhat darker than areas that are subject to the weather. However, when a new stain is applied, the difference is not usually evident.

5) Understand that restoring your log home is a process. The time it takes to blast your home and then to have it stained and sealed depends on several factors. Certainly the size of the home is the single greatest factor, but other factors include the type, quality, and condition of the finish currently on the home, and the weather (rain delays stink!). Keeping these things in mind, the blast process alone can take anywhere from a couple days to a few weeks and then the home still has to be stained and sealed. The good news is, when done right, you shouldn’t have to have your home blasted again for a long, long time.

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